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Breakfast Menu

Served 7.00am–11.00am

Freshly baked croissant with homemade berry jam.   $6.00

Freshly baked croissant with tomato and cheese. $8.00

Freshly baked croissant with leg ham and Swiss cheese.  $10.00

Roasted granola with fresh fruit and Greek honey yoghurt.  $14.50

Royal York fruit and nut toast: A sourdough loaf packed with apple, figs, walnuts, fruit, sesame seeds then drizzled with honey and cinnamon.  $9.00

Sweet corn and spanish onion fritters on wilted lemon spinach and a side of chutney $14.50

Albany free range eggs on continental toast, either poached, fried or scrambled.  $11.50

Bacon and Eggs: Cooked to your liking with toast on the side.  $15.50
Omelette:  Free range eggs, Spanish onion, baby spinach, leg ham, vintage cheddar and roma tomato with continental toast.  $17.50

Waffles. House made served with either berry compote and double cream or bacon slices and maple syrup.  $15.50

Smoked Salmon Scrabble: Free range creamy scrambled eggs with premium smoked salmon and dill with a side of thick cut continental toast.  $16.50

Breakfast Wrap: Fried eggs, bacon rashers, cheddar cheese, hash browns, and a smoky bbq sauce in a toasted tortilla.  $16.50

Full Breakfast:  Chipolatas, bacon, free range eggs, mushrooms, grilled tomato, beans, hashbrowns and spinach. Served with toast $21.50.
The Green Breakfast: Grilled tomato, free range eggs, beans, mushrooms, hash browns, avocado, spinach with a side of toast. $21.50

Texas Beans: Rich tomato based, spicy slow cooked beans topped with a poached egg and harissa yoghurt.  $16.50
Norge: Premium smoked salmon, baby spinach, poached free range eggs hollandaise and caper cream cheese.  $18.50 half $13.00
Benny: Ham off the bone, spinach, poached free range eggs topped with hollandaise, Dijon mustard cream cheese.  $18.50 half $13.00

Nasi Goreng: Indonesian style fried rice, made with seasonal vegetables, garlic, ginger, shredded pork, fried egg, roasted peanuts and topped with satay chicken skewers. $18.50

Avocado Smash: Fresh avocado, diced roma tomato, Spanish onion and fresh basil. Topped with goats cheese and balsamic dressing on toasted continental toast.  $18.00

Breakfast BLT: Crispy bacon, roma tomato, fried eggs and lettuce served in a toasted Turkish roll with aioli.  $15.50
Children’s Breakfast Menu

Bacon sandwich and tomato sauce.  $8.50

Cheesy scrambled eggs on toast.  $8.50

Pancakes with banana, caramel and cream.  $8.50

Toasted Ham and Cheese Sandwich.  $5.00

Lunch Menu

Served 11.30am–2.00pm

Soup of the moment served with crusty parmesan bread.  $12.50

The York’s own BLT, with bacon, roma tomato and baby cos lettuce drizzled with garlic aioli.  $15.50
Add poached Mt Barker free range chicken.  Add $4.00

Crumbed Swiss brown mushroom filled with blue cheese and basil, seasonal salad and house made chilli jam.  $16.50

The Crosswalk: Our own pâté, black pig prosciutto, free range salami, local Torbay olives, antipasto veges, vintage cheddar, house made chilli jam and Turkish slivers.  $23.50

Freshly baked local organic goat’s cheese and seasonal vegetable tart with garden salad and lemon crème fraiche.  $17.00

Crumbed local WA sand whiting, seasonal salad and fries with house made aioli  (grilled also available).  $19.50

Twice cooked Asian style pork belly and spiced apple chutney served with sweet ‘slaw on toasted Turkish bread.  $19.50

Spicy Spanish hot Gruyere fondue dip with crispy fried tortilla chips and fresh vege sticks.  $16.50

The York’s Steak Sanga:  Black Angus scotch fillet, bacon, Swiss cheese, tomato, salad leaves, onion jam in a toasted Turkish roll with fries.  $22.00

The New York:  Two organic beef patties, bacon, pineapple, cheddar cheese, sweet ‘slaw, grilled onions in a toasted bun with fries.  $21.00

Caesar Your Way:  Poached  Mt Barker free range chicken, baby cos lettuce, bacon crisps, free range egg, garlic croutons and Caesar dressing.  $17.50
Exchange chicken for smoked salmon, add $2.00, for prosciutto add $3.00 or Exmouth tiger prawns add $4.00

Thai Beef Salad with coriander and sweet chilli glaze topped with roasted cashews.  $19.50

The Yumbo: A fresh crusty roll filled with leg ham, Swiss cheese and garlic aioli served warm.  $13.00

Something to Graze: A bowl of chips with gravy or sour cream and sweet chilli.  $8.00

Children’s Lunch Menu

Fish and chips.  $9.50

Chicken breast strips and chips.  $9.50

Kids’ Yumbo hot ham and cheese roll.  $9.50

Bowl of chips with gravy or sweet chilli and sour cream.   $8.00